Wealth Management

Wealth Management

At Investology Advisors, we realize that the money we manage is our clients’ money. It’s their retirement, their children’s’ education, their business, their dream. We strive for superior investment returns, and provide exceptional service with a highly personalized and confidential approach. Consequently, we believe that our own success lays in the client’s complete satisfaction. We will work with the client in order to craft portfolios that are designed to meet their investment goals.

  • Financial Planning

At Investology, we combine a comprehensive financial planning approach, coupled with our professional expertise to help our clients formulate and implement their personal financial objectives. We recognize that every case is unique, and we customize plans to meet specific circumstances. Our planning addresses the full range of financial issues that clients are likely to face, including both short-term and long-term investment goals.

  • Estate Planning

Investology Advisors works with outside legal and tax specialists to incorporate estate-planning techniques that are designed to grow and protect our clients’ wealth. We work with our clients to select the appropriate methods to meet our clients’ wealth transfer objectives. At Investology, we work within the estate plan to optimally position the assets of our clients in order to minimize their overall estate taxes.

  • Retirement Planning

Investology works closely with clients to realistically evaluate their retirement plans. We carefully consider different possible outcomes based on current portfolio values, estimated expenses, expected returns and volatility of returns, and rigorously assess other factors like the effects of taxes and inflation on our planning. Ultimately we work hard to find ways to achieve our client’s desired retirement lifestyle.

  1. Developing Client Investment Strategies
    • Overview
    • Information Gathering
    • Client Needs Analysis
    • Developing a Plan
    • Client Investment Strategies
  2. Investment Process
    • Overview
    • Research and Strategy
    • Asset Allocation
    • Investment Selection
    • Reporting and Monitoring